Like a very long a parable, the bible presents scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  Ask ourselves questions that simplify following the thread of connectivity through the lens of God (well perhaps not as clearly!) through these historical time periods. Genesis establishes the “foundation” of the earth (creation account). The Old Testament provides testimony to man’s journey and disappointments to God thru repeat grave sins against creation, himself, and God despite numerous prophets sent to provide instruction. We live in empires (think St. Augustine City of men) driven by power (think Lucifer the beast of the earth).
Enter stage left, the lamb of God, begotten of the father, one and the same, Jesus Christ from the very foundation of the world, the one of God, is sent as truly man, to be slain for our sins. God provides us his only son so that we may “see” his glory and his compassion, his grace, and his never-ending majesty. Meaning, Jesus Christ, in his death conquered death for us. The blood of Jesus Christ, if we wash our robes in the blood of the lamb, opens the kingdom of heaven for us eternally despite our shortcomings while living in the kingdom of men.
Jesus, symbolically the bridegroom, is courting us the bride (wayfarers here on earth). The church, the saints, and each of us committed to God and Jesus, are the bride. The book of revelation discusses this betrothal period (preparation period) highlighting different degrees of readiness of the churches and their people. The Saints, exercising greater holiness and righteousness than the rest, wear the robes of the bridegroom as they help move us towards unity with Jesus, the true bridegroom, that we will join as one. Easy enough said, just read revelation, it’s as clear as day!  The betrothal period is getting long!

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