Reflection of Retreat (July)

Retreat Summary Review:
• Am I open to God’s presence?
• Do I ask for what I must deeply desire?
• Do I know what I mostly deeply desire?
• Am I open to the treasury of the Catholic Faith, its signs, symbols, sacraments, saints?
• I am open to your presence.
• I desire consolation and union, the opposite of emptiness of spirit.
• Yes, union, guidance, healing, and purpose.
• Yes, with reflection and guidance.
Nicene Creed & Apostle’s creed meditation
• Father Paul McCarren 30 minute reflection on Priest
• Barriers to prayer (futile politics, worry, sleep, intellectualism)
• Keep it simple
• Transcendent in reality: Personal Creed
• Prophet
• Union
• You are not alone
• Daily Examen
• Desolation and Consolation
• Commissioned, sent, not my words but his words
• The Stations of the Cross
• Rite of Reconciliation preparation
• King
• King of Men Vs. King in God’s world
• Always facing God and always towards God.
• Choose life and collective guilt
• 21 forgiving passages
• My immediate family

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