Whose Kingdom do I seek?

Mt. 6:6:  When you pray go to a private room and close the door.  You may pray there, say a thoughtful version of the Our Father (Mt. 6: 9 to 15).  Fasting privately can also increase faith.   For most of us prayer is experienced as a solitary and often lonely experience.  It does not have to be long.

Difficulty in prayer is to be experienced with patience. Sleepiness,  monkey mind (anxious prayer filled with human concerns or individual concerns), or self-directed prayer that may limit the ability to let God’s intentions and presence surface in our consciousness are some barriers.   Simply pray for God’s desires for you, and strength to follow the grand design.

Here is the rub.  How can I follow a grand design when so few actually hear God’s plans (like Prophets) personally and to not get ahead of myself.  The act of prayer alone is a grandiose act.  The immensity of approaching a deity with a two thousand year old letter of introduction. That is faith.

We do have guide post in scripture and inscribed in our hearts. The mystical believer can fine tune through rigorous contemplation and holy acts their inscribed purpose.  For most of us, it is a little nudge judging a circumstance, reflecting, and coming to know what is right in God’s eyes, in our sixth sense, a divine intuition.

Humility must be applied consistently.  We have no ability to harness divinity at our own rate and our own plan.  We do not manage God.  We have some minute influence and management/ownership of worldly things, but very little purchase on spirituality or divine presence.  It is no wonder we seek comfort in worldly attachments.

Prayer, when in its purest form, seeks the kingdom of God for all, not the mediocre of the kingdom of men and all its entrapments and temporal promises.

Eternal life calls for me to not look for validation from men, but from God.  However, temporal life should call for the same measure of accountability, creating heaven on earth by numerous mortal acts of love.

How can you not share this when in the throes of grace or what you think is grace?  And if  shared no good outcome is to be found.  You become smug claiming a proximity to God closer than others or you become labelled “God’s Fool,” chasing a mission that cannot be realized.  Both of these are good outcomes given the range of other responses meted out by  opposing religions or fascist governments, No good can come from this approach.

Evangelize by deeds great and small without any words,  God will do the rest.  Entangled thoughts in complex times and an inexperienced way fayer make for confusing post.

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