Furor versus Fuhrer – Abortion and Politics

In 1973, Justice Harry M. Blackmun (appointed by Republican President Nixon) wrote the following:

“the restrictive criminal abortion laws in effect in a majority of States today are of relatively recent vintage.” Providing a historical analysis on abortion, Justice Harry Blackmun noted that abortion was “resorted to without scruple” in Greek and Roman times.[7] Blackmun also addressed the permissive and restrictive abortion attitudes and laws throughout history, noting the disagreements among leaders (of all different professions) in those eras and the formative laws and cases.[8] In the United States, in 1821, Connecticut passed the first state statute criminalizing abortion. Every state had abortion legislation by 1900.[9] In the United States, abortion was sometimes considered a common law crime,[10] though Justice Blackmun would conclude that the criminalization of abortion did not have “roots in the English common-law tradition.”[11]

The furor (not to be mistaken with fuhrer though it sounds like it listening to some) over Obama picking a justice is outright flawed on the main issue for the religious right.   Justice Blackmun turned out to render many “liberal decisions.”  (Perhaps that is because our constitution is wary of conservative driven law?)   Five of the seven Majority Justices were appointed by Republican presidents (Douglas and Marshall were appointed by Democratic Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Lyndon B. Johnson, respectively). What’s more, take the two Democratic-appointed judges out of the Majority, and you are still left with all-Republican majority of the Court that legalizes abortion.  The vote on this legislation was 7-2.

I do not want to verge into here the morality issues and rights of the unborn versus the mother.  Let me state what is probably common territory for most:  abortion is harmful psychologically and physically to mothers, it ends a potential or an actual life depending on your stance, and many issues beyond the act of abortion itself contribute to unwanted pregnancies and abortion.  Action on access to education, employment, prevention, cultural, and meaningful life activities do more to prevent abortion than bible thumping and judging others.

The greatest percentage increase of abortion was under republican President Ford as established by the Conservative court ruling of Abortion versus Wade of a 58.38% jump.   President Carter, next up, did not slow the rate jump much but it did increase 31.76% from Ford’s last year.  Abortion growth stabilized under President Reagan.  And then the greatest reduction in abortions happened under President Clinton 11.4% and 3.33% and President Obama (12.69%).   The Guttmacher Institute has the best numbers around that are used by Pro-life advocates.    The CDC numbers are below as well.

What I am saying is fighting poverty fights abortion more so than focusing on criminalization.  That is not even getting into the majority of justification for opposing abortion biblically comes from the Old Testament and not from the life of Jesus Christ who did not address abortion at all.   Let’s agree for argument sake that abortion is wrong, which I believe and Pope Francis and all the great popes believe.  The answer to reducing abortion is in love, compassion, opportunity, prayer and fighting poverty. Democrats understand fighting abortion takes resources and education.  Democrats understand the medical experts are there for a reason.    If you are a Republican how can you defend that a conservative court set this in motion and biggest reductions are under Democratic presidencies?  A big conservative value is on outcomes. There is no funny math on a 7-2 decision and the numbers below.  If you are voting republican tell me what your candidate will do to fight abortion other than criminalization and raising public furor (again to not mistake for Fuhrer). Listen carefully to all the candidates, Dems and Republicans, and see if they are addressing the big picture or are using the rhetoric of a Fuhrer. Hate is not the way to go.  (I am a Choose Life voter and Democrat politically.  I understand no party owns this issue and has the answers.  We do in our homes and in our communities by supporting people that need support).fuhrer

YEAR GI CDC Percentage leaps contrasting last year of previous President abortion using GI numbers.
1973 744,610 615,831 Nixon 0
1974 898,570 763,476 Ford
1975 1,034,170 854,853 Ford
1976 1,179,300 988,267 Ford 58.38%
1977 1,316,700 1,079,430 Carter
1978 1,409,600 1,157,776 Carter
1979 1,497,670 1,251,921 Carter
1980 1,553,890 1,297,606 Carter 31.76%
1981 1,577,340 1,300,760 Reagan
1982 1,573,920 1,303,980 Reagan
1983 1,575,000 1,268,987 Reagan
1984 1,577,180 1,333,521 Reagan 1.50%
1985 1,588,550 1,328,570 Reagan
1986 1,574,000 1,328,112 Reagan
1987 1,559,110 1,353,671 Reagan
1988 1,590,750 1,371,285 Reagan 0.86%
1989 1,566,900 1,396,658 Bush
1990 1,608,600 1,429,247 Bush
1991 1,556,510 1,388,937 Bush
1992 1,528,930 1,359,146 Bush -3.89%
1993 1,495,000 1,330,414 Clinton
1994 1,423,000 1,267,415 Clinton
1995 1,359,400 1,210,883 Clinton
1996 1,360,160 1,225,937 Clinton -11.04%
1997 1,335,000 1,186,039 Clinton
1998 1,319,000 884,273 * Clinton
1999 1,314,800 861,789 * Clinton -3.33%
2000 1,312,990 857,475 * Bush
2001 1,291,000 853,485 * Bush
2002 1,269,000 854,122 * Bush
2003 1,250,000 848,163 * Bush -4.93%
2004 1,222,100 839,226 * Bush
2005 1,206,200 820,151 * Bush
2006 1,242,200 846,181 * Bush
2007 1,209,640 827,609 * Bush
2008 1,212,350 825,564 * Bush -0.80%
2009 1,151,600 789,116 * Obama
2010 1,102,670 765,651 * Obama
2011 1,058,490 730,322 * Obama -12.69%

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