Abortion and Politics

The Conservative Christian (Republican) 10 point inquiry:
I am interested in “Pro-Life” single ticket voters that are for criminalizing abortion. This single issue item is perhaps the one thread that staunch Evangelical Christians and Catholics raise when other policies or the candidates themselves become untenable or unsupportable. The rationale is “I have to support the lesser of two evils solely on the abortion issue for strategic reasons for pro-life cause.” Assume the pro-life position is without a doubt the correct and moral decision of the land so we do not have to address the debate on when does life start and the value of all human life.
If you are one of these voters please respond to these questions on how a conservative Supreme Court, presidency, and house would address the following issues?
Premise: Abortion is murder. Our laws will prosecute anyone murdering the unborn child directly by performing abortions, anyone indirectly assisting with abortions, and any accomplices involved in the execution of the unborn child. If you had an up and down vote on this law, would you support this premise (assume some exceptions for medical emergencies that threaten women’s life and consensus on time frame from conception)? Yes or No? (If no, do not answer any more questions. You would not qualify as true “Pro-Life” supporter. The difficulty with religion is we deal with absolutes – we are answerable to the ideal. If we apply our religious standards to our law the answer cannot be half-way?)
1) Juries in the United States have given life sentences to 43% of convicted murders and death sentences to 4% of this group. Do you support sentencing the person who performed the murder of the unborn to the death penalty, a life sentence, or a very long sentence? Yes or No?
2) Accessory to murder conviction rates vary depending on if it was pre-murder or after the fact. Given our legal system, any abortion could lead to convicting the principal performer (doctor), the women, and any accomplices (father or person who helped pay/transport). All would face significant jail time. Do you support this law? Yes or No?
3) Do you know that Rose versus Wade was decided by a conservative court and that Harry Blackman, appointed by a republican president is the primary author of this famous court case? Yes or No?
4) Given that, do you have confidence that a republican president will appoint a Supreme Court justice that would support your views and change the law given a conservative court ensured that a woman has the constitutional right over her own body? Yes or No?
5) Before “Roe versus Wade” 17% of all deaths due to pregnancy and childbirth was the result of illegal abortion. Abortion has been happening since and prior to the life of Jesus Christ. Knowing that reversing Roe versus Wade will not stop abortions, will create an industry of illegal abortion, and lead to many deaths of women, and are you prepared to still criminalize abortion? Yes or No?
6) What steps are you willing to take to ensure this law treats all citizens fairly? How will ensure the wealthy (and others) do not subvert their economic privilege to have abortions safely from medical providers outside governments reach? If you cannot do that you have misapplied justice and unfairly criminalized the marginalized in our society. How can you address this issue?
7) Women’s ability to defer pregnancy by use of contraception and abortion has given women the ability to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation while still being able to have intimate relations the same as men. If women are to lose this right to govern their own bodies what laws are you willing to legislate to ensure they are able to keep equal access to economic and social life of our nation (paid maternity leave, equal pay, stronger non-discrimination laws)?
8) Theologically, can you enlighten our readers on the scriptural basis that promotes criminalizing abortions from the New Testament only and provide us your knowledge on abortions during Christ life time?
9) Since 1980 on abortions have gone down under democratic presidencies and up under republican presidencies as they pursue different social and economic policies that affect people’ access to health care, safety nets, education, and employment. You can research it. Can we not find the political will power to promote education, job creation, access to cultural development, and overall promoting of a humanistic and spiritual society without resorting to criminalization of something Christians and Catholics are not adhering to despite their beliefs?
10) How do we hypocritically promote criminalization, support defunding planned parenthood, when a bulk of our faithful are driven to utilize abortion and medical services – in part due to a deep failure in our social contract to have equal access to what our society has to offer?
There are many more questions than answers. This is not a pro-abortion post. It is a “Choose Life” post. But I do really want to hear from conservative Christians and Catholics how you would address the aftermath of a Roe versus Wade decision?
Many Catholic Democrats have weighed these issues and came out of the tunnel recognizing using the courts to address this issue is the least effective option to addressing all the other issues and winning the day by love, compassion, support, and modeling. The questions above deserve serious answers if we are to imprison people and take away a woman’s rights for an unborn child’s right.
In the end – the answer to reducing abortion or ending abortions is not a single-item or single party issue.

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