Mortal Sin

Catholics have 69.5 million members, are the largest religious body in the United States, and comprise 22% of the population as of 2015.  What this means is 1 in 5 Americans believe abortion is morally wrong and a women who get an abortion are automatically ex-communicated from the church.  Abortion is considered the highest form of sin – called Mortal Sin.  Canon 1398 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law imposes automatic (latae sententiae) excommunication for women getting an abortion.

Make no mistake about it – if you are Catholic you face grave consequences of harming your soul and your relationship to Jesus and the Holy Father.  Below are four links that cover the catholic position.  The last two is priest for life group and EWTN daily mass.  Father Imbarrato explained the dangers of our society’s acceptance of evil and conversation with evil from an Orthodox Catholic position.  Regardless of your personal beliefs, if you are Catholic you should take a look at these four links and his 10/24/2016 homily:

I have addressed abortion on several posts from a secular position and a theological position that is “of this world.”  I often speak of physiological and psychological harm. I stop short of the language used by Pro-Life groups and Father Stephen Imbarrato due to my fears of pharisaic history  (and the inheritance of poverty and other social ills that our societies face).  However, if you have read through the above links you will understand the believers position – even the fire and brimstone type.

Two of the above were provided to me off-line.  By who does not matter – what matters is the intent was it is wrong Joe, between me, you and the wall that is what I believe.   The intent was I believe not for pride, or winning the argument, to claim higher moral ground, or any of those things, but to live the word of God.  That is the end of our discussion on abortion.  Father Imbarrato’s homily gave me the reasons for the strong conviction.  No reason to restate them and no reason for me to go through all the complexities of our secular world and health related issues.

At Sundays mass my favorite priest joked a little about Pharisees – but then pulled it back and said remember they were trying to apply what they believed to the code of law and that is what they had at the time.  Sometimes we need to be a little pharisaical – and what better time to be so if you believe a baby’s life is at stake?

This is a good place to end my review of abortion as well.  I have struggled with this issue and found my peace with it – I leave the rest to those who know more and are more directly affected to address the how, when, and why of social policy.  For Catholic policy you know where to look — Prayer.





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