Silence is Consent – Action is Required

Seeking to live a holy life has many sojourners.  Great care, discipline, and commitment is required to shape and mold our interior response to God.  The paths to enlightenment and living a divinely inspired life have consumed many for a life time.  Prayer, scripture, spiritual direction, the lives of martyrs and saints, heroes of the day, inspiring mentors, reading, and countless reflections of God’s majesty can be found in everyday moments.

There is a place for the monastic life and solitude in seeking deeper connection and proximity to God.  For most of us though, this is only our preparation and retreat place.  We are called to be active in our vocations and personal life to live by example the virtues of our belief (reference Sermon on the Mount).

Silence in the face of evil is not an option for those of us seeking alignment of our interior spirituality with our human existence.  They cannot be partitioned or used at convenient times that suit our purpose.

In the heartland of America a cultural war must be fought.  A culture of fear, hatred, and toxic nationalism (mixed with racial prejudice) has been unleashed and re-ignited.  The pinnacle of this evil is the recent tragedy of our zero tolerance policy and the forced separation of children from their parents.   Underneath this pinnacle have been countless other attacks on the poor, on freedom, on the press, and on basic values of humanity.

Are you silent?  Are you actively doing anything to fight evil? 

Today I stood with a minority of protesters at a rally in back of Legislative Hall, Dover, Delaware, to add my voice against the atrocious policy of zero tolerance, children still separated from families, and no movement on compassionate and reasonable immigration policy.

Too many are silent today.  Too many are supporting this administration’s vision of a redefined America that vilifies, excludes, and promotes hatred rather than exercising democracy, inclusion, and compassion.  Even the pinnacle of the separated refugee children was not enough to separate some from the egocentric Trump-ism ideology that is so blatantly built on lies and distortions of the truth.    The marginalized and vulnerable in our society are at imminent and long-term risk of the damaging erosion of American values today – much less Christian values.

This is not an anti-republican message.  Trump and his administration are not republicans, at least what republicans used to stand for, in values or even by fiscal policy standards.   Is this post anti-Trump?  Yes and No.   I am saddened by the personal tragedy of Donald Trump’s lived experiences and world view of himself and others based on his history of narcissism and personal statements.   I struggle with how a person of such great wealth has not had the deep experience, as far as I can tell, of being touched by God and called to use his wealth and political influence to make a difference in the lives of the marginalized and vulnerable.  In this manner I am not anti-Trump the person.  I am anti-Trump the politician who is championing ideology that is being used to turn a blind eye to Truth, used to promote hate (anti-foreigner attitudes, anti-LGBQT attitudes, anti-poverty, anti-press, anti-democrat, anti-government, anti-environment, anti-allies), and ultimately anti-Christian.

It is easy to become disenfranchised and fall into a state of apathy with the momentous failure of  our politicians (blue and red) to act on immigration, stand against the blatant lies and abuses of power of this administration, and the horrendous hypocrisy is displayed daily.

We do not have a Trump problem or a politician problem.   We have a morality problem that we as a collective are inverting values:

  • materialism over morality,
  • egoism over universal compassion,
  • hatred over love,
  • alternative facts over truth,
  • distorted nationalism over God.

Prayer, religious affiliation, participating in a sacramental life, church attendance, and countless other spiritual activities (Christian or not) are valuable compasses for life.  What good are they if we keep them in a closet? Act and have your message heard commensurate to your ability and position in life.

We may not all be saints – but we can aim for a saintly life.  It would be like buying a motorcycle and never taking it out of the garage.  Go for a spiritual ride today and everyday.


Catholic Reference:  Being wholly unqualified to be the voice of Catholicism below are two links on Catholic views on Immigration:

Click to access twim-3-46-factoffaith-english.pdf

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