Human Suffering – The Answer?

The first words to greet me this morning:

You are wretched wherever you are and no matter which way you turn –

This was not the inspiration I was seeking this morning from morning prayer.  I have a moderately stressful job of which sometimes I feel ill-suited for, financial woes as most everyone else, and loved ones near and far facing illness, stress, and mortality.   Most of us are able to carry on, sometimes in silence, and sometimes with much complaining and perhaps even cursing.  I am cognizant of our wretchedness as a human race – but reading this first thing in the morning was a spear into my heart and renewed revelation of worldly concerns versus striving for a holy life.  In the latter realm we are pretty wretched.

“Now is the time for good works, now is the time to fight, now is the time to make reparation for sins of the past.” 

 I met a regular guy yesterday who said he fears nothing nowadays, he gives it all to God, his faith is stronger than his fears, and he expects things to go wrong all the time.  He simply said that is life.

These references are from chapter 22 of the Imitation of Christ which you can get free at many different resources (pdf. or for kindle)

I don’t generally have time to write in the a.m. but this chapter “nailed” the meaning of suffering, no pun intended.  It is part of our life as mortals the more we become spiritually aware.  Thomas A. Kempis and the regular guy yesterday are onto something.


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