Fetus’s or the unborn are once again being shamefully used to raise or sink political campaigns. All of a sudden voters who never walked a picket line for either side of this social issue are passionately pro life or pro choice. The moral peril of surface ideology has never been so apparent. Christianity is not an a la carte deal. In for a penny, in for a pound. What does that mean?

3 Comments on “Christianity is a package deal

  1. If I might ask, what are your thoughts on the fact that pro-life organizations own and operate twice as many pregnancy crisis centers as there are abortion clinics in the U.S.? These centers offer a variety of services to women in crisis, including access to higher education, job training, continuing medical care, and even adoption services.

    This doesn’t include the efforts of churches like Apologia Church in Tempe, AZ, who provide all kinds of assistance to women in crisis, including food, clothing, diapers, etc. for them. They all provide ongoing care to those babies after they’re born.

    If we don’t care about the babies after they’re born, why do these resources and organizations even exist? If you want to oppose our efforts, fine. At least be honest about it.


    • TEP 336, Thanks for your response and information. Objectively speaking, the majority of social media pro-life and pro-choice advocates that rise up during the election season are not in the trenches practicing what they preach. The efforts of pro-life organizations to help in these areas is very much a pro-birth experience. You appear to be in the trenches practicing what you preach. In all likelihood, you are surrounded by like-minded people doing the same. The non-engaged voting public is more connected to the anger side of the pro-life movement and coercion by criminalization rather than by love, support, compassion, and meaningful system-wide social change. If every voter pressing the pro-life ticket supported the organizations you listed with time and money and social change – women would truly have more options to avoid unwanted pregnancy and be fully included in society. By some estimates, it will take about $230,000 to raise a child today to age 18. Your organizations are out-funded by pro-abortion groups by at least 5 to 1? How much real dollar support can you actually provide to an individual unwed mother expecting a child the first year? The second year? The next 18 years? I can see how you found my post offensive to your work and the work of pro-lifers on the front lines giving actual support. To you and those providing loving and supportive services – my apologies. Your efforts need systemic systems changes that support life and fight poverty and injustice. It is not as simple as defeat Roe versus Wade. You know that. Not every voter does recognize the intricacies of poverty, oppression, violence, and unwanted pregnancies.


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