Fetus’s or the unborn are once again being shamefully used to raise or sink political campaigns. All of a sudden voters who never walked a picket line for either side of this social issue are passionately pro life or pro choice. The moral peril of surface ideology has never been so apparent. Christianity is not an a la carte deal. In for a penny, in for a pound. What does that mean?

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  1. If I might ask, what are your thoughts on the fact that pro-life organizations own and operate twice as many pregnancy crisis centers as there are abortion clinics in the U.S.? These centers offer a variety of services to women in crisis, including access to higher education, job training, continuing medical care, and even adoption services.

    This doesn’t include the efforts of churches like Apologia Church in Tempe, AZ, who provide all kinds of assistance to women in crisis, including food, clothing, diapers, etc. for them. They all provide ongoing care to those babies after they’re born.

    If we don’t care about the babies after they’re born, why do these resources and organizations even exist? If you want to oppose our efforts, fine. At least be honest about it.


    • TEP 336, Thanks for your response and information. Objectively speaking, the majority of social media pro-life and pro-choice advocates that rise up during the election season are not in the trenches practicing what they preach. The efforts of pro-life organizations to help in these areas is very much a pro-birth experience. You appear to be in the trenches practicing what you preach. In all likelihood, you are surrounded by like-minded people doing the same. The non-engaged voting public is more connected to the anger side of the pro-life movement and coercion by criminalization rather than by love, support, compassion, and meaningful system-wide social change. If every voter pressing the pro-life ticket supported the organizations you listed with time and money and social change – women would truly have more options to avoid unwanted pregnancy and be fully included in society. By some estimates, it will take about $230,000 to raise a child today to age 18. Your organizations are out-funded by pro-abortion groups by at least 5 to 1? How much real dollar support can you actually provide to an individual unwed mother expecting a child the first year? The second year? The next 18 years? I can see how you found my post offensive to your work and the work of pro-lifers on the front lines giving actual support. To you and those providing loving and supportive services – my apologies. Your efforts need systemic systems changes that support life and fight poverty and injustice. It is not as simple as defeat Roe versus Wade. You know that. Not every voter does recognize the intricacies of poverty, oppression, violence, and unwanted pregnancies.


      • It is sad but true that many on both sides are simply in it for the virtue signaling. That being said, I don’t think the pro-life side is as poorly represented as you may think.

        I guess you could say I’m in the trenches. I’ve never thought of it that way. In addition to speaking face-to-face with people in my area about abortion, I also use my blog as a way to reach a wider audience, when I’m not writing about theology. All I’m doing is speaking out against all forms of murder, abortion included. I’m no different than any of tens of thousands of others doing the same. (If in doing so I’m presented with a chance to share the Gospel, why not? 😉)

        I wish I was surrounded by people who are of a like mind. The truth is, my family makes up a spot of red in a sea of blue. (Thank God we aren’t in California) That’s why I must speak to people in my area, there are too many pro-choice supporters. I’m working to change that.

        I know that many of us do seem to be very angry, but we do have good reason. The basic premise is that an unborn baby is a human life, and murder is the unjustified taking of a human life. For any sane person, I’d imagine that murder is highly offensive and I would hope it generates some form of anger. Can you see where we come from, and why we are outraged?

        It is because of that position that we seek to criminalize abortion. It only stands to reason, if it’s murder, and our society abhors murder as morally wrong, then it shouldn’t be legal. We are simply following a logical progression on this. I mean, as a pro-life person, within reason, I couldn’t care less what women do with their bodies. However, in this matter, it isn’t necessarily their bodies I’m worried about, but rather the ones they’re carrying.

        You mentioned love, support, and compassion. These are absolutely admirable traits, as long as they are channeled in the right direction. As my greatest example of these traits is Jesus, it’s important to remember that overturning tables and chasing people with a whip is entirely within the realm of reason. Personally, I simply just call a spade a spade. Murder is murder, no words to mince there. That’s my whip, and my argument is me overturning tables.

        You make a point with the disparity of donations to both sides, but it brings up an interesting question. How much of Planned Parenthood funding comes from the Federal government? I mean, anytime someone brings up the idea of defunding them, they get all foamy at the mouth, and worked up over it. This makes me wonder if they wouldn’t collapse under their own weight if they lost federal funding.

        Meanwhile, pro-life organizations don’t suffer that problem. They exist solely on donations coming from people in all walks of life, to include atheists and agnostics. It’s an interesting game we play, but I’m convinced that PP is simply being propped up by the government. Were it not for taxpayer money, another thing that infuriates us, I think Margaret Sanger’s legacy would look seriously different from what it presently does.

        You aren’t kidding with the premise that kids are expensive. My wife and I have nine kids between us, with only the two oldest being grown and gone. I live my life with too much month at the end of money, and my wife and I live as poor as church mice once we’ve finished paying bills and taking care of kids. Incidentally, our kids don’t know that we’re poor, and we work very hard to keep it that way. I say this because I want you to understand that I know from whence I speak.

        One of the areas that our two sides don’t see eye to eye on is this. While we both want women and babies to thrive, we can’t seem to agree on how to get it done. I believe that it begins with the family, and society. It can’t ever begin with the government, or it surely will end with them. Honestly, I’ll never understand people’s reliance on an institution that typically can’t find it’s own backside with both hands and a map.

        That’s why our pregnancy centers exist, and why our churches have various ways in which they help. Our ultimate goal is to get them to the point where they are free and independent. We want them capable of paying their own bills, making their ends meet, and adulting on a general level.

        For example, one of those centers is located less than a mile from my home. This one houses women in crisis, feeds them, clothes them, even provides protection for those escaping domestic violence. (Note that the neighborhood I live in has no shortage of vets who have zero patience for boys who beat on girls, including me) The help doesn’t end there, either. They also receive necessary baby supplies like clothes, diapers, formula, and help with continuing medical care for mothers and children.

        The church I mentioned earlier, Apologia Church, has set the standard. They are entirely dependent upon donations, but still manage to scrape together enough money to keep a legal team on standby, in order to facilitate adoptions. They also have members of their congregation who are ready, willing, and able to adopt those babies.

        For the ones who opt to keep their babies, Apologia Church has a reputation for loading a mama up with truckloads of supplies, ensuring that neither she nor her babies want for anything. One woman, who gave birth to twin girls, commented that she didn’t have to buy a diaper for the first year, and that her girls (aged 2 yrs) were still set for clothes.

        If we were better funded, we could do more, but what we’re doing now is no less amazing. The pastor of Apologia Church, Jeff Durbin, keeps pictures of every child his church has saved, and gladly shows them off to any willing to look at them. His church goes above and beyond to ensure that those babies thrive, and other churches have begun to follow suit. They also run an organization called End Abortion Now (https://endabortionnow.com/). You can also find him on YouTube.

        Now, you mention the economic impact of an unplanned pregnancy, and it is one I know first hand. All but one of my children was unplanned. We weren’t trying to have babies, but we weren’t trying to avoid it either. We left it to God, and He blessed us repeatedly. Still, those blessings aren’t cheap, are they?

        The Brookings Institute conducted a study to determine what a poor teen could do to avoid remaining poor. They distilled it down to three primary steps they can take that would launch them right into the middle class.

        1. Graduate high school.
        2. Find and keep a full time job.
        3. Wait until at least 21 before getting married AND having kids.

        The interesting part of this is that the Brookings Institute leans Left. They looked at the data and came to the same thing the Right has been saying for a very long time, which is that the traditional family is the best type.

        While there are a number of other minor things one can do along with those three steps, their findings showed that 98% of all lower class teens who took those three steps moved into the middle class and stayed there. This is rather significant, I would think.

        In a manner of speaking, this is what the pro-life side has been doing. Those young women in need of education find access to it through our organizations. They can also find job training, counseling, a safe space from domestic violence, and the freedom they need to thrive where they likely would have failed before.

        As you can see, overturning Roe v Wade is only a part of our efforts. We are also doing all we can to reduce or eliminate the problem altogether. The solutions don’t stop there, either.

        On YouTube, if you look up the Urban Farming Guys, you will find a Christian ministry that has done something amazing. They went into the worst neighborhood in Kansas City, MO and turned it around by teaching residents how to grow their own food, how to maintain their own homes, and even set up a training center that brings huge amounts of resources to these people.

        Since their inception, the crime rate in the neighborhood has dropped dramatically. This also means that property values will go back up, median income will increase, and they could even move up above the poverty line. That’s how we work to ease the plight of the poor, by doing our level best to ensure that they’re no longer poor.


      • An excellent and well thought out case for pro-life camp. My apologies for not approving sooner. I got caught up with regular life.

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