Are you Catholic? Are you Political? Are you Sure?

Thanksgiving day many of us will have the blessing of family, friends, food, and freedom. I am grateful on a granular level for my family, my fellowship with others, and my work colleagues. On an existential level I am thankful for those that disagree with me, for my enemies known and unknown, and the adversities that have simultaneously challenged and formed my fluid identity. On a spiritual level, the overarching umbrella of everything, I am grateful for my every breath, thought, and action on this thanksgiving day.

Gratitude for me involves reflection, introspection, and expression. Thanksgiving also gives us the opportunity to pause with our families and community. People will say avoid religion and politics. I say that is rubbish nonsense! These two human institutional structures no matter how divinely inspired have fallen short of divine revelation regardless of religious and political affiliation. Our granular networks and our religious and political aspirations are a uniform validation (or condemnation) of our collective spirituality, of our reaching for the umbrella of everything (mystical revelation, spiritual transformation).

Are you Catholic or belong to any other faith? Are you sure your faith represents you or you represent your faith? The article below focused on Catholicism’s dynamic tension between liberal and conservative Catholics and confounding Papal authority. Ross Douthat identifies himself as conservative Catholic. However we spend thanksgiving today let us be humble in spirit and with political ideology, fluid in identity when we are wrong, and loving in thought and action.

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