Happy New Year

Dear strangers;

We take much comfort in our sense of time and our utilization of time; however, we define its importance.  The journey from “birth to earth” for us is filled with time markers marking our days until our visible days are no more.  Our mortality creates a great sense of urgency and pressure to use our time well.     If you are reading this, we are entering into the year 2020 together.

New Year

We are not really strangers to each other.  We share our common humanity in all its beauty and ugliness.   We share a sense and desire for ultimate certainty regarding eternal truths or, at the very least, a sense of confidence regarding our ultimate purpose in life.  We seek to live a meaningful life amid a world that is uncompromisingly unpredictable, contradictory, and temporal.

In this temporality, I reach out to you to wish you and your neighbors a year filled with enlightenment and unity with each other.  Knowledge of what is truly important and connectedness to people close and far – warm, loving, and compassionate relationships wherever you go, may harmony and peach find you.

On a deeper level, I yearn for us to have unity with transcendent, eternal truths that bring us all closer to living a holy and sanctified life.    I wish that we each can have a glimmer of that ecstasy to nourish us and provide is strength when our physical and spiritual selves are battered by our secular life and human frailty.


Wherever you are tonight or this a.m. preparing to face a new decade, know that you are unique in a way that far exceeds your own capacity to comprehend.  You have potentiality within you to further enrich your life here and now, in the future, and dare I say for eternity?

I say this with certainty that if you choose to embrace your potentiality, to accept that you are valuable to me and to many others, and to set out each day with the idea that everyone you meet has that same intrinsic value, it is going to be a great 2020 no matter the adversities and situational inconveniences that will face you.

3 amIt is 2:43 in the morning.  Most have gone to bed or are not far from closing up celebrating the New Year.   Some say 3 a.m. is a special time where pray life is especially revealing. Whether you be awake or asleep, sober, or in some other state of consciousness, connected to God or desperately alienated, happy or sad, successful or struggling, this late-night note is one of gratitude that you are you and have the opportunity to be an even better you in 2020.

May we together, by careful and measured discipline act quietly and humbly to improve ourselves.  May we may collectively enhance the world and its beauty one relationship at a time.  One pray at a time.  One moment followed by another, patiently allowing eternal truths to guide us every day that is gifted till the earth rises up to reclaim us back into its folds.

Perhaps when our time runs out, and our body gives up its last breath – we will not find ourselves in a state of regret or unprepared for no more tomorrows.  That is what I want for you – for everyone, that when we rest our heads at night-time to sleep, that peace and harmony are within our souls in case, morning never comes.

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Goodnight neighbor in this Common Era time 2020.  


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