Locust and a scattered mind?

No one today would seriously claim that God has sent a swarm of Locust to Africa as a form of justice. In the book of Exodus it was one of 10 plagues delivered against Egypt and its pharaoh. The Israelites were enslaved and God demanded their freedom by signs.

Who symbolically speaking represent the enslaved today?

1) Third world countries with high poverty rates?

2) Indentured migrant workers?

3) People working two and three jobs and still falling in greater debt?

4) People falling into poverty due to capitalism giant market changes (whole towns decimated), medical calamity, war, famine, and other misfortune?

5) Human trafficking?

6) Child labor?

7) Unfair compensated laborers?

8) Incarcerated people for undue cause or disproportionate sentencing?

9) The homeless, uneducated, addicted, or otherwise disenfranchised?

10) Refuges or immigrants?

To the powerful of the world what signs might an angry God send to demand protect the poor, help the sick, eliminate injustice and inequality?

1) Earthquakes and Tornados?

2) Dictators and despots?

3) Great fires?

4) Floods?

5) War, brothers against brothers?

6) Martyrs – people killed for their faith? St. Valentine was beheaded. Happy Valentine’s Day! Christians, Buddhist, and Muslims are killed, tortured, and imprisoned today for their beliefs.

7) A corrupted priesthood?

8) Corrupted Governments?

9) Virus outbreaks, diseases, and deaths

10) and even Locust.

Read the paper tomorrow. We have not God’s Kingdom on earth but Dante’s Inferno!

I do not claim these evils are God sent. However, how much of our suffering is mankind driven?

Shy of God descending from the heavens, what sign would we accept today other than putting our finger into Christ wounds? Actually, symbolically we maybe doing just that by knowingly acting in a sinful manner?

Divided we stand and divided we will fall, each according to our measure of imperfection and God’s infinite mercy?

In the prism of our distorted spiritual and religious identities lies hidden the power of all healing, the answer to all suffering, and the elimination of all gluttonous desires and other human afflictions?

I do not have the answer for you regarding locust, fires, despots, wars, poverty and other forms of human suffering – and if I did it would you listen? I am afraid my answer cannot infuse your belief. It must come from your innermost hunger to transcend both the joy and the suffering of the present moment for a higher measure.

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