Vote versus Withdraw?

A bishop advised his priest to not vote in primary in Minnesota. The stated reason is not that priest should not exercise their vote but that others may become aware of their vote. The latter could cause controversy and attract or push people away from the church?

Following that logic as mini priest, for we all are called to live our faith and love God before mans laws, would it not be best we left the political arena as Christians? Could we not spread our Christian ethos by attraction, by our actions, and by God’s divine mercy and divine providence?

Is my vote worth the distance it puts between me and “the other half.”

I have drawn a conclusion that I must vote. One vote thrown into the sloppy abyss competing visions with neither vision embracing a Christ centric platform.

In politics I must settle for candidates that represent the most practical advancement of all Christian Social Teachings. It is not sufficient to be pro-life if you than ignore the dignity of life once born or as our elders face the vicinity of deaths door. Nor is it sufficient to rally for social justice and ignore the unborn or death row criminal.

In life, I do not have to settle how I respond to the call of a Christ centric life. I may have to moderate my actual accomplishments and current status versus my god given potentiality. In all likelihood there is a significant gap between who I am now versus God’s desire for my spiritual actualization.

At the same time, humbly accepting I am not martyr material. I am not destined for sainthood. I am not fit for the monks life or priestly cast. I am not a charismatic leader of the masses or an intellectual theologian who has yet to be discovered!

There still remains a nagging desire to withdraw from secular society that is increasingly, sometimes with legitimate cause, anti-catholic or theism of any kind. A recent book entitled the Benedictine Option captures the essence.

Christians must learn to live the a Christian life in a anti-Christian society. Simply withdraw into communities within communities. Live and love a Christ centric life with a smaller audience. Change the world by changing ourselves. The rest will come by attraction if we even only achieve 1% of our potentiality to live a sanctified life.

Only I have not been called to withdraw from secular life. I have not been called to be silent either. Perhaps my voice and my vote is by divine providence joined by others to serve as a ballast of Christian values within the larger vessel of secular life?

Withdrawing is not an option. But nor can I skewer and judge those I perceive to be anti-humanity, anti-God, and most importantly, anyone disagreeing with my wisdom!

Ah, don’t we all want to be captains in the bridge? Or perhaps sailing a small vessel? There is no refuge while we are bound by our self-will and the will of the “other,” no matter how misinformed they maybe!

Together we must learn to row in troubled waters.

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