Morning Dews # 1

As yet, the day is untouched by humans and probably the better for it.  The COVID pandemic is cleaning the environment at rates never seen since the industrial revolution introduced massive pollution to our eco-system.  The morning dew is on the grass, and everything is peaceful as we prepare to see the sunrise.


I am naturally a P.M. writer.  Today, however, I have been called to share the start of my day with my Morning Dues to God before humanity gets my attention.

“A voice was heard in Ramah, Lamentation, weeping, and great mourning.  Rachel weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted, because they are no more.”  Matt 2: 6  

Today we view the news in terms of peaks and valleys of human death tolls.   Little time is spent on bereavement or sitting with the loss and suffering.   The press and the public are focused on who is to blame for its magnitude (with some justifications) and how when can we escape Co-Vids hold on us and the negative impact on our social and economic situations if we are fortunate to not be in inflicted with fever, nausea, breathing difficulty, or death within our household.  I take from this early morning reading it is not right for us to seek relief for ourselves without sitting with the pain and grief of others – and to compassionately share the burden of loss in whatever form it takes.  For many, it will not be okay.


My morning meditation today spoke about a welcoming prayer.  Its introduction appeared to be inviting.  Then it asked me to remember a hurt that I experienced from someone that cut to my bone and sit with that pain – and feel it in my core.  Once we are in that place, we will know suffering and not want it for anyone else.     Importantly the meditation takes us beyond the perpetrator, beyond good and evil, beyond resentment and revenge – to just sitting with the pain.  Not the type of prayer I expected when I read “welcoming prayer.”  That is how it is sometimes with God – I am not prepared for or ready for what is coming.

Today I know what is in store for me and whether it will be good or bad.  I do not know if my experiences will lead to a better tomorrow, maybe yes and maybe no (ancient proverb).  I do know that with my faith placed firmly in God’s hands, I can sit with confidence with the emotions of the day and be wholly present for others to serve God’s will.

Random thoughts:     

George Smiley’s wife, after the death of a close friend, said to George, will you just stop and grieve for once!  George, years later in the face of another death, answers her in his own head:  I have no problem grieving and loving the dead; it is the living I have a problem with loving.  (John Le Carre’s Smiling People)

God gave Adam every type of animal known to mankind for companionship after he had given him the Garden of Eden, which was entirely sufficient for life.  Were we meant to be vegan?  It would undoubtedly help the planet’s eco-system (Genesis Chapter 2).  This was not enough for Adam. God, in His wisdom and anger at Adam’s lack of gratitude and greed, put him to sleep and gave Adam something he had not expected.  He gave him Women (Eve), and Adam was much pleased.  God walked away, laughing, thinking Adam does not recognize what he has asked for and received.   

adam and eve


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