The Catholic vote was practically split even between the two candidates. Those that voted for Trump often in private conversations deflect from owning Trump, saying they voted for his policies rather than his personage. A significant portion however, deny reality and accept and passionately support his presidency. Especially Evangelical Christianity. Trump himself has referred to them as idiots.

Interestingly, our non-believing genuine Atheists are able to see the secular and political truth. They by and large rejected his presidency bid both times. A mature Atheist has self-identified his/her moral and ethical responsibilities. They do not have the cover of superficial religious ideology to cover their vote either way.

Why did half of the country and almost half of Catholics support Trump? I am not among them, but I believe demagoguery played a big role. The price of taking a stand against him was too high for them. The opinion piece attached labels demagoguery and it’s genesis and firmly attaches it to Trumps base and top administration officials:

I believe that Christian Trump supporters had to suppress their spiritual conscience this second time around. Or they flagrantly embraced him exercising spiritual abandonment and extremist self-justification.

Demagoguery comes in many shapes and sizes. It counts on historical blindness. In all its forms it is dangerous. It can take over political and religious institutions alike. It can destroy nations from within and threaten world peace.

Is our youthful nation seeing the death of Western Christianity? It can not stand on its merits with this hypocrisy. Is our nation and national identity in jeopardy? The current extremist Republican Party is making our nation act like a failed state by undermining democracy, speaking falsehoods, and crippling government (Mitch).

It is hard as well to a Christian believer and a non-Trump supporter. Large swaths of our faith hypocritically stand by a demagogue for selfish reasons, many of them built on falsehoods.

Two pillars of my nation are defiled and assaulted today: genuine and authentic Christianity and the fundamentals of American democracy.

The price of belief in God is too high for many believers when confronted with the choice of supporting or denouncing President Trump. A vast majority of Republicans and Republican leadership have traded in any pretense of morality and ethical action for blind allegiance for Donald Trump.

America has stood up and voted out both, but only by 4 to 5 million votes. Without continued aggressive and persistent support Joe Biden and team will be crippled by political and spiritual toxicity of the far right and Trump/Mitchisms.

Only a handful of republicans and The Lincoln Project have stood up. President George Bush has also consistently stepped up after his presidency both for President Obama and now Biden.

Are you guilty of demagoguery? Neither side politically is immune to this existential threat? Nor are any of the worlds great religions immune.

At the end of the day you and I are individually responsible. No garments of religious or political affiliation will cover our actions. We will stand naked before the mirror and have to face our actions for what they are in intentions and in deed.

I did not know will not suffice. We know. And if by chance we escape honest self-appraisal, we will see the consequences of our actions here and now, not to mention a great reckoning when we face our mortality.

One could not write a more spiritually symbolic ending to the Trump presidency. A White House surrounded by walls, a leadership torn apart, COVID rampant inside its walls, a bruised Mitch, and an election lost by the greatest voter turnout ever. And still, ardent supporters cling to falsehoods.

Tyranny is not the answer. Tyranny is what Trump seeks. The silver lining is at least more than half America said no, the insanity stops here. It is too late for all those who have unnecessarily died due to covid, for over 500 children whose parents were taken away, and perhaps later today for those who may lose their health insurance. All of these actions are the responsibility of every voter who said yes to Trump and every voter whos went silent.

There are republicans out there who said no to Trump and yes to candidates down the ticket. To me they are heroes of democracy like the Lincoln Project. They would not let demagoguery rule.

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