“I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.”
Mark Twain

I have a healthy respect for death these days, though unlike Twain, I still retain a certain degree of fear regarding my mortality.


How prepared can we be for the dimming of our own light? I have witnessed the prepared and the unprepared. Neither is pleasant, but the prepared are far better off in the final moments.

If you had a year to prepare for the day the light goes off, what would you do? Is there someone close to you who needs help preparing as well? Our lives and the lives of those we love do not need to end with despair or disgust.

Give death its due in 2021:

Make a list of what is important to you and your loved ones. Some ideas may include:

  1. Create or update your advanced directive.
  2. Take care of any asset issues (Will).
  3. Make amends where you can except when to do so would hurt others.
  4. Consider seeing a spiritual advisor (of your religious belief).
  5. Love the people in your life all your remaining days.
  6. Bucket list?
  7. Help others prepare?
  8. Exercise and eat right.

Live Life:

Giving death its due does not mean not living life but the opposite. Bring joy and happiness wherever you go. Perhaps avoid things that might kill you or make you miserable to be around!

Choose activities wisely. No sense running towards death. You probably have many things you want to do still before you meet the guy in the hoodie.


All humor aside. We don’t want to live looking backward. Do what you can now, concretely. Get it done.

Knock off the low hanging fruit first. Build in some healthy habits. Work on the human relationships as if each one was a relationship with God himself! There are so many resources out there for managing “To do” list. Planning for eternity is probably ranks pretty high up their in priorities!

Planning for a peaceful death does not have to be grim. Done with levity and purpose, it will make the quality of your life now better! It is about living our best life now. Start with a list and then get a daily agenda productivity app to make things happen in the “Life Domains” that need the most attention: personal relationships, advanced directive, will, God, health now, bucket list, or whatever is important to you. Don’t let it escape you – stick to the list even if it proves tenacious. By the end of 2021 if you do this – people will notice something different about you! They might not know what it is, but they will want to know you more! Do it quietly or do it loudly – just get it done.

Peace and serenity await you.


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