USCCB Idiocy

I penned a letter to The United States Catholic Conference of Bishops just now making the same mistake they made with their penned Inauguration Day letter. If you read the Bishops letter you would immediately note it missed the beauty of the inauguration, the many Catholic aspects and values presented, and its inconsistency with Pope Francis message as well. My error was writing my concerns at all to their media office. My words were not well thought out or prayed on, though I think my discernment with intent was on target, my words were far from kind or gentle. Here is what I wrote:

“Dear USCCB;  Once again the has devalued Catholics, the, and the teachings of Jesus Christ by the issuance of the inauguration statement that was so clearly political and beneath the office of the Bishops.  Handed a gift on that day, the conference chose to pen a letter of further division.  Church  authorities continue to make it difficult to defend the faith and truly be the light we seek to represent.  Reprehensible and reactive action  – ill-timed and selfishly released by usccb.  The ever shrinking Catholic lay public continues to lose confidence in the usccb as its leadership continues to thrive on being the news rather than being the solution.  No humility.  No discernment.  Why I am I writing a letter to express my discontent I do not know.  I have no expectation of the to be able to set the horizon of ideal Catholic values and social teaching without itself becoming muddied in acrimony, division, and greed (for status, power, money, and positioning within the church).  I start my day with readings from usccb.  At the moment, I am very saddened and want to walk away from the usccb.  I want to cancel my direct debit weekly contributions.  I want to encourage others to leave.  That is not what I will do, but others will, thanks to the shortsightedness of that penned hypocritical letter.   Our nation has been through so much under the former administration – not to mention the rush to execute people on the way out the door, that to see this petty response is just plain idiocy and self-aggrandizing behavior, not the word of God being expressed by humble servants.”

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