Tribute to Rush Limbaugh?

I remember President Trump being unable or unwilling to address gracefully the deaths of political foes or deaths that were inconvenient politically. Others before him did a better job on the national stage. Most of us can take off our fighting gloves when death visits us, even if only for momentary pause, a recognition of a fellow humans light being blown out for the last time.

My Aunt Gertrude many years ago listened to Rush everyday. He painted a worldview that protected her beliefs and identity as the rest of the world was moving away. It gave her peace and perhaps took off the edge of loneliness as an elderly person living in her suburban home alone in Nassau county.

Rush, thank you for providing her security as the world changed. I am confident that within your bio there once was an innocent political passion to be the vanguard of honorable Republican idealism and maybe even embers of that idealism during your waning days. Another opinion piece today gave you credit for building a very profitable and powerful conservative empire catering to all the Aunt Gertrudes nationally and new republicans in the 80s, 90s, and even today. The author also said your vision and that of several like you has ended in ashes. He said so respectfully.

I want to thank you for giving me a point on my first time ever playing in a Deadpool game. When invited to play this 2021 gambling pool to pick ten celebrities that will pass in 2021, I fondly picked you. Don’t get all ideological on me.

I also have Jimmy Carter on my list, who I didn’t like as President, but adore for his post Presidency life. My list has both heroes and villains, non-discriminatory picking from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (my team name). You and God will sort out where you fit now.

Perhaps I was a little discriminating with my list of ten. I outright could not put Pope Francis on my list both for my admiration for his Jesuit principles and for fear of being struct with great misfortune if I did!

Where does this all fit with Christian thought on sin, forgiveness, and divine Providence? For the first time now, Rush may indeed know more now than any of us who remain here toiling in human mediocrity striving for spiritual perfection.

And yes gamblers out there, there is even a pool for who will die next. Check out Don’t mock me, you probably have bought life insurance before or know someone who owns a policy that may benefit you!

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