The Water Lily, The Iris, and The Orchid

The symmetry of nature and humanity can be elusive and fleeting before my eyes.  The mundane and the irresponsible rule our days, steal our time, sap our spirit, and dull our senses to what is important, beautiful,  and present in every moment if we look for it. 

I know the symmetry by its absence.  I can feel the darkness, the irritability, the hunger for things that cannot satiate the human spirit. 

When nature and humanity are bound together by the spiritual force that binds, the radiance of light, strength, and warmth are undefinable.

She is like a water lily in the pond, with radiant colors and delicate patterns, resonating beauty onto all that surrounds, complimenting without negating, soothing pain,  while reflecting all around the depth of goodness is life and death, what is worthy, and what is not in the stillness that is required when no words will suffice.

When the silence must be broken, and the actions are taken,  a single purple Iris rises, and then a field, healing the wounds that can be tethered, and she gently witnesses those that cannot be removed, sharing the reality in its ungarnished truth. 

Regardless of circumstance, she rises like an orchid and caresses the soul, each according to the measure required, without expectation or reserve, a gentle objective love that transcends all, that cannot be owned or unrequited, just received and understood for the moments needed, before passing into eternity as gently as the moment of necessity arrived. 

Moth Orchid Guide: Caring for Your Phalaenopsis Plant

A symmetry of nature and humanity she is, a force of love and compassion beyond bounds of ordinary human understanding.

A great friend to many, mentor to the young, mother, nurse, women, and wife – in each a blossoming flower that knows no seasons. She is the symmetry that conquers the mundane, the trials, and the challenges with a beauty and power that can only be described as a spiritual force bound within an exceptional lovely women.

Dedicated to my wife Theresa

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