Monk, Friar, or Jedi?

Warrior Monk - TV Tropes

In a “closed” moderator run Facebook group focused on Catholicism and early Christian writings a member posted an innocuous meme of a monk from a long time ago saying the force be with you and a subtitle of the truth is often defined by our perspective.

Within seconds the post got 16 likes and 1 comment to remove this travesty please. The poster without comment removed it for he offended 1.

It was humorous and pointed to modern day handling of good and evil through a Hollywood movie. I can’t find the meme on the web, but the monk also held a saber.

What annoys Christians when movies dabble in mysticism or philosophical spiritual truths? Some feel these types of movies promote heresy or misdirect young minds. Others may feel the magical undefined portraits of spirituality simply under value and assault centuries of religious teachings.

The one truth I know is in general, Hollywood movies are not aimed at spiritually profound and deep contemplation and Christian movies in general rarely get a good rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

The Disciple Peter had a Jedi streak defending Christ and cutting off the ear of Malchus!

Monks and Jedi’s crossover all the time into each other’s domains. Perhaps only the Monk attains anything close to remaining isolated from the interchange between secularism and religious thought.

Star Wars: Yoda Wanted to End the Jedi Way Before Luke | CBR

A good day for me is when my secular life and my spiritual life are inseparable and indistinguishable without effort or thought. A great day is when intense effort is required and grace carries the day. Yoda would agree with this thought. Science fictions fans could tell me what the difference is between the Jedi code and the Sith code below:

Pin by Katie Smith on Star Wars board | Jedi code, Sith, Star wars universe

We all know what a bad day looks like – days consumed with trivialities, unnecessary conflict, silliness, or perhaps even harmful speech or actions. If you can avoid these bad days by practicing a Jedi Code – more power to you!

Monks, Friars, and even Jedi’s have bad days too! They train and aim for the good and great days!

Catholicism and its messengers don’t have the marketing skills of star wars to spread the “true word.” It is sad and troubling that our children lack the knowledge of the worlds great religions or philosophers but can quote a Jedi code! Perhaps even some concern that the story telling battle of good and evil in Hollywood movies that allude to mystical sources further confuse the historical stories that are in the bible as merely stories.

Pop culture – philosophy – and religion becoming indistinguishable.

A more detailed look below on how to tell the difference between these men in Robes can be found here: If your looking for spiritual guidance from a master – let me recommend Franciscans or Jesuits – and they have pretty awesome robes or cassocks.

May the force be with you!

Daily Prayer for Jedi - The Secret Force Jedi Spiritual Community -  somathread

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