Fathers Day

13 Funny Father's Day Memes That Are Just Too Perfect

It has been a long time since my Dad has walked this earth as a men among men and a proud father of seven. He died at 45 as I was finding my way in early elementary school. Nevertheless he gave me life, love, and other intangibles that are hard to define from an early age. On top of those were layered legends of who he was and additions of other lay fatherly presences within and outside the family. Thank you Dad and all of you who helped fill his void.

Father’s Day has taken on a festive occasion as children or adult children (or their mothers) take the opportunity to make it a special day and give thanks to Dad. From the thoughtful card, to the practical tool, or on the humorous side ridiculous socks or ties, fathers are acknowledged today. Most of the time there is nothing Kids can give a father that is greater then what they already have. As a Father all we want is for each of our children to be physically and spiritually flourishing – in body and soul. The rest, including their calling in life, trials and successes, and other mortal concerns will with Gods grace sort themselves out.

If there is nothing my children could give me greater than just the gift of fatherhood, what could we possibly give the creator of all, Abba the Father?

I imagine he would want the same form us as we want from our kids: take care of your health and your spirituality (soul) and the rest will take care of itself. In good health (and sometimes in bad) the well developed spiritually centered son or daughter of God will always treat others kindly, live a just and moral life, and be thankful for all their blessings. Today, Father’s Day, will be like every other, with some time set aside to be present with God, in adoration, contemplation, and dialogue. Humbly we give thanks to the unknowable universal being that we cannot on earth even agree on our Fathers name.

Today is not a day to wrestle with good and evil, with the past or the future. It is simple a day to be present and give thanks to the Fathers you know and “the Father that knows all.” Gifts optional!

Abba, Father: Divine, Spiritual, and Natural Fathering – St. Paul Center

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