The Biden Communion debate shows the exhaustion of the U.S. church | America Magazine

Our brains have become re-wired by years of futile conflict, and there is no obvious way out. We are simply habituated to react, and it would take tremendous energy and time to change, both of which we lack.
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Too tired to write…and this article explains why. Catholicism sees a member of the faith become president and chooses, rather than focus on his faith, to hold him to a different standard and create theology specifically for a sitting president.

I withdraw to prayer and solitude. My voice and my thoughts, not the brightest nor the least important, painfully have little influence on the American landscape.

I must tend to my interior garden, sure up by exterior love for those around me, and leave the rest for God and perhaps, people possessing the strength and wisdom to alter Catholicism’s course, and with it perhaps, the fate and faith of many.

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