The church in the West is in decline—and nationalism won’t save it | America Magazine

Recently my Catholic grammar school along with 20 others were formerly announced to be closing. Catholicism in the west is in a death spiral. Christianity is in a similar spiral while attempting to align itself with republican extremism known as Trumpism – which is a highly driven nationalism party with some very unchristian ideals.

Political parties aside, this article above in American magazine points out Catholicism must not wed itself to nations to enforce its beliefs by use of force held by nation states: “its alignment with government establishment or nationalism is problematic in Hungary and other countries, where religious leaders, appealing to a Christian national heritage, struggle to pass laws that would bring their secularizing societies back to their Christian roots. This top-down approach is not effective or sustainable in our current globalized world, and it overlooks the tremendous opportunities for revival and transformation from the ground up.

Christ did not appeal to Rome for power or status. He appealed directly to the people. At some point after his resurrection the succession of Papal authority intermingled with nation states and the church has never been the same. It seems impossible and implausible to disentangle the varied forms political religious alliances that we see today.

Their is hope. The article makes a plea for the church to return to its roots. The one line here missing is the church needs Catholics to lead – you to lead. As an institution it struggles to change direction even when fallibility is evident.

“The church can be a transformative force by standing with the powerless and vulnerable today as it did during the fall of Communism.”
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