Where spirituality and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy meet at the cross roads of a psychiatric crisis change can be miraculous.

This brave college student shared a deep experience of being “broken” by several life pressures. Quickly, in mental health speak concepts like adjustment disorder, cultural acclimation challenge, anxiety disorders, and perhaps major depression single episode come to mind. Diagnostically none of the words matter – the treatment and interventions are key. This kid found three elements for recovery or answers for his trial with life: family, therapy, and spirituality.

All too often we need a crisis before we consider the value of all three of these elements that can promote good health, healthy relationships, and internal peace.

His story is below. A short read with only superficial mention of the road to recovery. I imagine it was not easy and involved many steps, some deep and insightful. Others just ritual and developing muscle memory for the ego and for the soul.

If your suffering out there, seek help now. If you can’t find it, message me a zip code and type of mental health crisis you are facing. No promises, but I will look for resources. Of course, if you are thinking of harming yourself now, call the nearest crisis hotline near you, 911, or go to a hospital. God will be with you all along – you can seek him once the risk of self-harm is addressed.


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