It is roughly 4:30 a.m. in Russia, a country whose people I appreciate for their rich culture, brilliant writers, and stoic chess players. The authors though, stand out. Chekhov, Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Turgenev and so many others.

My soul has a Russian influence from these writers. These authors often went to extreme depths searching for God and the meaning of life. I don’t think it was driven by the long winters. They capture the suffering of the Russian people caused by war, poverty of the peasant class, the long scourge of Stalin’s rule, and war. It is in their genetic DNA to be driven to nationalism extremes and seemingly always immersed in class warfare.

Ukraine has only been independent of the Soviet Union since 1991. It shares borders, people, and a long history with the Russian people. Today, this morning, actions are being taken to reacquire portions of Ukraine or all of it. I fear for the people on the ground that will pay the price for this newest clash of nations.

Internationally, other nations are voicing opposition and threats of economic sanctions or complete silence.

It is unreal. This belongs in the history books or Hollywood. But it is real. Death, economic unrest, war traumas, and global distress are taking place now. Prices will rise and the poor will suffer. The wealthy will capitalize on the opportunities created in wars wake.

Right now American politicians are hedging bets, looking for away to come out the other end of this as a better candidate.

American people are disinterested and disillusioned. We do not hold the spirit and strength demonstrated by our grandparents to stand up for freedom and international order. Part of this attitude may even be healthy – not assuming we hold the answers and the moral high ground. I am not naive enough to believe things were simpler then, they were not.

We have the advantage now of a few decades more knowledge and instant communications. And we still don’t know how to have international order.

Where is God and our faith today? Putin is a cold blooded killer. He has no moral or theological limitations. Prayers and faith will not alter his course. He is not the heart and soul of the Russian people. Their government system and centralized power in the hands of the few make this aggression and other atrocities possible.

Whatever is happening on the ground now is man’s doing – not Gods. We collectively are failing humanity. More authors of human toil and suffering may be born today or tomorrow.

Four a.m. is for some God’s time. A time of solitude and prayer in the deep quiet of night. The Ukraine is about 4880 miles away from me, by crows fly distance. My prayer goes to them – I have nothing else to offer but that and a single voice of opposition to nation to nation aggression and war.

Update: war commenced at 5:50 a.m.

1 Comment on “War

  1. So well said, Joe. Yes, we must pray unceasingly for the safety and wellbeing of the people of Ukraine.


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