They chose not to surrender. The NYT photo below depicts three women armed to resist.

The tears in their eyes are real. The guns heavy in their hands. The transport van somehow shadowing impending death.

I “feel” glad they chose to fight. This feeling is filled with awe and respect for the people of Ukraine. Perhaps a little vicarious sense of vengeance and justice are underneath this emotion.

Underneath this emotion is great sadness, sense of powerlessness, and a little rage. Being spiritually (or just a mature human being) open to the pain and suffering of the Ukraine people is not easy. It is far simpler to engage our human psychological defenses…get really busy, turn the channel, blame game, rationalize behaviors, intellectualize world events, practice ignorance or apathy, become numb or indifferent.

I choose not to go there. I choose to in solidarity with both Ukrainian and Russian common man to be aware of and acknowledge this travesty of war. I choose to write here that we all have a collective responsibility. At home we must fix our own toxicity too. It has weakened our ability to lead and promote world peace.

Humble prayers and hope for our sisters and brothers facing death and misery today.

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