By human definition, Putin is Orthodox Christian. He was raised Orthodox Christian by his mother. His father was atheist and also a career with KGB. Putin “joined” the Orthodox Church at age 41 and has used their platform to garner support ever since. I think most of the world sees Putin as Godless. Interestingly a right-wing think-tank below states the same despite the risk of the same arguments underpinning GOP connection to evangelical Christianity.

I have not seen any news regarding the Russian Orthodox Church speaking out against the war and violence.

The Vatican and Pope Francis has condemned the war. Regardless, this is not a religious war. This is a nation state war run by a man who is at heart, his fathers son. Religion, like everything else including oil and human life, is a means to an end. Ruthless. Neither spiritual dialogue or atheist ethical or moral relativism will reach this man.

He is the spearhead for several autocratic nations declaring a return to primal means of achieving power. China, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and other anti-western nations are vocally supporting Putin. They are not alone:

The UAE also is supporting Russia. They are aligned with what they see as their long-term economic interest. Morality, humanism, spirituality, and freedom are not weighed in this calculation. Saudi Arabia also has joined the Russian talking points, not surprisingly, they executed 81 people yesterday.

NATO is also calculating and minimizing its exposure. They are doing more then Russia calculated and this has shocked both the East and the West. A large part of their peoples are supporting Ukraine on moral and humanitarian grounds, some on spiritual beliefs. Putin is counting on paralysis and withering support.

Where is the Christian believer in this war? Outside of both religion and government. They are with those suffering, the poor, and the oppressed. Like Christ and early Christians, they are powerless to stop the war or unravel the geopolitical of shifting alliances and resulting tragedies. Yet they must bear witness, sacrifice, and shed light.

The Ukrainian people themselves are the brightest star in the sky today while suffering grave loss of life and livelihood today.

The war pulls at my human heart. First and foremost for the Ukraine people. Then for the soldiers on both sides. And downstream the millions that will be pushed into poverty as a result of this war.

It also pulls at my human yearning for revenge and violence. Not at all Christ-like. Seeing Ukraine’s defend their homes, I am happy to see Russian forces pay a dear price, until I think of the conscripts who had no idea they would be invading their neighbor, who are dying not knowing why, and for their families left behind.

In an overly simplistic manner, I blame Putin. However, we are all responsible for embracing strong men autocrats, militarism, inequality, and injustices worldwide that diminish the value of human life. That allows men like Putin to take many lives today.

It is a time for most of us to feel spiritual desolation. Some, ones I am covetous of, have faith so strong and vibrant that neither war nor death nor personal suffering diminish their faith. In fact, when confronted with this misery they rise above the suffering and their faith precedes them in everything they do. The saintly ones even ask to take their brothers suffering if God wills it. Today people in Ukraine and the world over are doing that in large and small ways.

I have no interest in Putin’s faith or Putin himself. The rest of the world controls Ukrainian destiny including the Russian people. I pray for their help.

Selfishly I am glad we are not sending marines and other forces abroad – though my inner barbarian wished we had.

It is hard to phantom the “end” of freedom or “end” of a democracy or other ways of life. We take that for granted in the U.S. Our way of life is at risk. The Ukrainian people’s plight and suffering is a wake call for American citizens to stand up and demand accountable governance and accountable voters. Toxic disunity must end and civility restored. Our torn nation cannot lead without unity. Without unity democracies worldwide are at risk.

Is it possible to call to arms all people spiritually and politically…

Recent update: Russian Orthodox stick by Putin.

4 Comments on “Is Putin Christian? How are we Christian today?o

  1. I find it so, so amazing that some people who CALL themselves Christians are now questioning Putin’s Christianity. How amazing it that! Before you question Putin’s Christianity, have you questioned your Christianity? Do not get me started. Please don’t. You know what, I am not even gonna say anything. You aren’t worth my time. If I were you I would just shut up. Please do not get me started. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fuuuuuuuny!!!!


    • Yes, I have Funny Doe! Nor will I lose or any readers lose sleep over the witticism and wisdom we are missing from you. Please though, if you have wisdom yourself on the issues, bring them forward, not for gotcha egotism, just for bringing your gifts to the table.


  2. It’s amazing how all of the sudden there’s such great concern about Ukraine. Now all of the sudden people are having emergency meetings everyday. Now all of the sudden people are protesting all over the glob. Now all of the sudden there is human rights violation. One reporter reported that donations are pouring in 24/7. I see everyone now wants to pray for Ukraine. Apple, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Facebook, Google, Churches… everybody is Ukraine now. Well, war is bad and we all agree. But where have you been all this time that black people have been suffering? There has been so many wars in Africa…where have you been? Nevermind, they are black people.

    For decades, Africa has been experiencing wars. You find people with legs, arms and lips cut off, because of war. Where have you been? You find children left without parents, and parents left without children. Where have you been all this time? Nevermind, I forgot they are black.

    Funny that so many people are here questioning Putin’s faith. Have you questioned your faith? They are so racist that they actually blocked black people fleeing Ukraine not to board the train. In fact, some black people had already boarded the train, but then some racist Ukrainian cops came and kicked them out. You are talking about oppression? Let’s talk about oppression. Hahaha, some people are so racist that they pull their guns on innocent blacks fleeing the war. You wanna go on? I don’t hear you talking about the murdering of blacks by the KKK, NEO-NAZIS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS… they are so racist that yhri have made race everything. Be it school, jobs, restaurant, parks, roads, subway…even in church they are racist. You want me to keep going? Looks like somebody prays to a white god. You are not worth my time. Just shut up. Talking about prayer for Ukraine like you even know what prayer is. Well, I am glad that you are questioning Putin’s Christianity. But have you questioned your Christianity? Call yourselves Christians? Well, I am a Christian too. But don’t make me expose your wicked deeds. Because I will if you want me to. Thats what I thought.


    • Sarah, thank you for raising what many people are feeling and legitimate concerns and outrage at the lack of moral equivalency in this world. The African nations have stated dual messages about this conflict, similar to your points. Most are not supporting Russian actions, and they are aggrieved at the many times the world has failed them in the past and current day. Nothing I say about me, about my political beliefs, about my social work career and advocacy, or prior supported causes will suffice to answer the social injustice and history of racism, slavery, and its perpetuation in our institutions, including religious institutions run by man. I question Putin as I have questioned American politicians who use religion to garner power and little else. I will pray to God for Ukrainian people, for Russian soldiers, and for millions more newly introduced to poverty by the economic hardships this creates. Oppression is oppression, each with its own flavor and some more vicious then others. I would have no issue standing with you protesting injustice on many fronts. Putin is an enigma to me. He has risen from the ashes and possesses some of the characteristics of former dictators that have committed mass genocide. He is in possession of nuclear weapons. The geopolitical framework of his war is different then those you mentioned in Africa, but not so different to excuse the world turning a blind eye. And to some extent, the world has not United to stop this nation state war. You use the phrase call yourselves Christian? I can only speak for me and I question my actions and Christ like living all the time. Our world is not at all living Christ-like or in imitation of Christ. About all we have really nailed down, excuse the pun, is massive suffering and tragedy unequally levied. You could narrate the evils of the major faiths today, the hypocrisy of American militarism and politics, the dark history of white supremacy and its ugly uptick post the Obama Presidency. You would probably be enlightening to me per say, but truly crucial is what can we change. I have not been given the gift of the great civil rights leaders or political powerhouses that have made sweeping changes. My little vote, small contributions, and advocacy in my local community at times feels invisible. Ukraine is not a concern among most
      here – they are just trying to survive as well, pay check to pay check. I truly hope you, others, and people with more power and skill then I possess can create the changes that are necessary to wipe out racism, other isms, and world poverty along the way. The next generation of leaders has a big task, assuming this war doesn’t slip into nuclear mistakes. If anything in my post prior or this one offends you – please take my sincere apologies. I do not want to add to your suffering or anger in anyway. Thanks again for raising your voice and rage at the continuing issues with racism worldwide.


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