Ms. Maria Ovsyannikova interrupted a live Russian Broadcast with a poster saying no to war. It of course went viral outside Russia. Inside the censors took it down quickly. Maria is now in custody.

Russian citizens, knowing the price is steep including jail, hard labor or death…are still standing up. Modern day saints and martyrs in my eyes, without the religious adornments, perhaps even a greater courage, alone standing for humanity.

Here is reporting from CNN:

Russian state news agency TASS confirmed OVD-Info’s reporting, citing a source, and added that she could face prosecution.

OVD-Info also obtained a video purportedly made by Ovsyannikova before she interrupted the news broadcast.

“What is happening now in Ukraine is a crime, and Russia is the aggressor country, and the responsibility for this aggression lies on the conscience of only one person. This man is Vladimir Putin,” Ovsyannikova says in the video, noting that her father is Ukrainian, and her mother is Russian. 

“Unfortunately, for the past few years, I have been working on Channel One and doing Kremlin propaganda, and now I am very ashamed of it,” she says. “It’s a shame that I allowed to speak lies from the TV screens, ashamed that I allowed to zombify Russian people.”

“I am ashamed that we kept silent in 2014, when all this was just beginning,” she says. “We didn’t go to rallies when the Kremlin poisoned Navalny, we just silently watched this anti-human regime and now the world has turned its back on us forever, and another ten generations of our descendants will not be able to wash away from the shame of this fraternal war.”

“We are Russian people, thinking and smart, and it is only in our power to stop all this madness,” she says. “Go to the rallies and do not be afraid! They can’t transplant us all!”

Videos of the interruption quickly were posted on social media shortly after it aired. CNN obtained the video from a live feed from Russia Channel One VK’s profile. 

Within minutes, that live feed was removed.

4 Comments on “Pray for Maria Ovsyannikova

  1. War is bad. Period. What I am against is the pick-and-chose aka double standard. Maria Ovsyannikova, you don’t have to worry about telling lies. You are far, far from a true journalist. It seems like you only “tell the truth” when you feel its convenient. If you really, really care about doing your job ethically, you don’t have to look too far to tell the truth. Maria, I wonder if you even reported that blacks fleeing Ukraine were met with hostilities at the border. A group of black people reported on national TV that a Ukrainian cop pulled a gun on them. An Indian girl reported that a Ukrainian cop pushed her and she fell on her back. To make it even more terrifying, she was crying while doing the interview. It’s on the internet, just that only 0.0001 percent are interested or care. I haven’t seen you reporting that the Neo-Nazis are serving in the Ukrainian military. It’s also been reported that there was corruption everywhere in that country. Please dont tell me that you didn’t know about these things. I didnt even know about this, but apparently Polish refused to take in Syrian refugees. But now all of the sudden they are taking in Ukrainians with open arms. I wonder if you even ever bothered to feel bad for the oppressed. You talk about zombifying the Russians, how many blacks, indians, Asians or Middle Easterns have you zombified? How many? Okay, forget about Russia-Ukraine issue for a second. How about other reportings? You wanna tell me that you been transparent in reporting other issues? Really? Then for sure you are a fair journalist.


    • Your criticism of Maria is accurate. She herself owned her part and will now probably go to jail. The act she took, however, is courageous. She defied her employer and government for all the lies. I suspect where she worked she did not have the opportunity to be a true “journalist.” Nor is she in the position of covering the events you listed. Now, to be clear I am not a journalist! If I could do life over again, it would be a possibility! This blog is focused mostly on Catholicism, Christianity, and the challenges of living such in a secular society and societal or institutional failures. As far as refugees go, it is no secret we have a broken international issue. The two of us writing our opinions is something people cannot do right now in China or Russia without potential loss of freedom or life. The double standard you mentioned is everywhere. As an example, the stigma of substance abusers in America was vicious in the 1980s. The answer was mass criminalization. When substance abuse exploded outside of certain communities into mainstream America, the narrative changed and treatment dollars followed rather then charges. Don’t wonder about how I feel about any oppressed people, my feelings although compassionate and saddened by the multiple, do not change the realities right now. I don’t see the solution out of the Ukraine war right now. The issues you raised will go on past this event happening now. Will they continue to be invisible? Your voice will make sure they are not…the aphorism two things can be true at the same time applies here. Putin is still Putin. War is still War. Imperfect people can do brace things. Oppression is handled in racist ways.


  2. I think Maria Ovsyannikova did the right thing at the wrong time. If she was that ashamed of her lies, she should have protested or quit along time. As courageous as she was, I think she follows what everyone seem to be doing. And honestly speaking, I don’t think I should question Maria that much actually. Instead of questioning Maria, I think I should question Facebook, McDonald’s, Google, Elon Musk, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Europe…all these mentioned here own the world on the palm of their hand. They also know how, why and where people are suffering in the world. My questions to them are: Where have they been all this time to call out human suffering? Why now? There’s human rights abuse all over the world. I don’t see anyone being sectioned. Why are they quick to sanction Putin? If Putin is now the measuring stick, I guess this world has gotten a lot more peaceful. Facebook, McDonald’s, Visa Card, Google, Elon Musk, Amazon, Starbucks, Apple, Europe…have just shown the world what they can do. Now we wanna see more of that. Otherwise, a lot of people will criticize them for having double standard. They are already being criticized for having double standard anyway. I think someone just set a bar for himself.


    • Good point. Those businesses are in the public eye. Unsure stockholders, governments, and the people that buy the products are willing to take a serious look at the power of big business and the global super wealthy influence on equality and oppression issues including racism and war. Have to start somewhere – if it took calling out Putin’s use of military force on pregnant mothers, hospitals, and nursing homes, that is really sad. There has been tremendous lost ground in the last decade or more on equality issues with the return of extremism coupled with “far right” activism. Some companies even embrace the extremism.


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