Ukrainians, Russians, and any people that value freedom and human life have been warned by Putin today. He is using the language of dictators if the past that have embraced authoritarian rule, war, and genocide. This quote today is chilling:

“The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and simply spit them out like a fly that accidentally flew into their mouths,” Mr. Putin said. “I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion and readiness to respond to any challenges.”

He has just declared war on his own people with his conviction that “self-purification” of society is natural and necessary. The Russian apparatus is already rounding up dissenters within and kicking out all free media.

At the same time Ukraine is being decimated. Ukraine and this war are different and the stakes are high for democracies worldwide. It is hard to parcel out national interest from the reality of people being wounded, maimed, and killed.

For me, it returns frequently to the God issue, where is God? God is not dropping bombs and killing innocents today. Putin is the aggressor and killer here.

I am deeply afraid for Europe as well as our nations safety.

It is times like these that Christ like imitation fails most of us. We cannot just turn the other cheek.

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    • Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hey, nobody here is saying war is good . We are all against war of any kind. But as humans, it seems like we pick and choose when to speak out against evil. So, so many people are suffering, especially in poor countries. Where have all these big companies been? Where have all the “Christians” been. Where have you been? Yes, you! Where have you been to protest and call out all the genocide in Africa, Middle East and Asia? Now everyone is a Ukrainian. Please give me a break! How about other countries whose citizens have been suffering for decades? Are you guys gonna protest too or you only care when it’s happening in Europe? Now Syria is complaining about double standards. Now Afghans are complaining about double standards. India too is complaining about double standards. Absolutely Africa is crying about double standards. Mmm, hello, hello! Is it true that in trying to support Ukriane you are actually exposing yourselves/your(injustice and unfairness)? Emergingfromthedarknight, are you fair to everyone? Hello!


      • Thank you for responding and being brief. I prefer all contributors refrain from personal attacks based on assumptions and appreciate you not perpetuating this thread ad-infinitum.

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      • its a very emotive issue and we have to be careful as this is a very complex situation… I am taking the reblogged post down for that reason to keep my site on a more peaceful less devisive trajectory..


      • Mary and future posters. There is little doubt that each of us comes to every news event with bias. Anybody can see that the response to Ukraine is different and can draw conclusions from historical responses. The double standard criticism is Ukrainians are white, European as opposed to Black, Middle Eastern, or Asian. That is aside from Putin’s evil actions today. Both statements are true. In this little blog I request readers and writers to refrain from attacking the messenger. Each tread is generally on a specific topic. Look around – there are dozens of articles on double standards. These would be a good place for this debate if it is needed at all. There also has been many Christians, white people, and Europeans that stood up against oppression and genocide in the areas you mentioned. Assuming people standing up against Putin warrants attacking them for injustice and unfairness individually is unfair, especially most non-professional bloggers that by their history, are not spreading hate, mis-information, and racist ideology. Addressing one atrocity as it happens as an individual does not require an exhaustive comment also on all the previous atrocities committed lest every post would be exhaustive. The issue right now is Putin, active war, and his commitment to purify his nation, including territory he conquers. Are you suggesting the world should stay quiet? There is a place for addressing double standards and I hope you and everyone else continues to advocate broadly each time it rises. I know the voices on the double standard are not suggesting the world be quiet. If you have answers…post them.
        Ukraine is getting support for many reasons besides their color as well, and not all are altruism alone. The East-west geopolitical ideological war is complex and the world history of colonialism and conquest sickening. That does not mean we should be Putin apologist and not call out evil as it is today due to the failures to call it out in the past.


  1. RetsamsGhost,
    You have actually been very patient. I also wanna thank you very much for letting people share their side. I also wanna let you guys know I actually cried for Ukrainians. Yes, I cried, and I am not lying about that. But even after crying for Ukrainians, I said wait a minute. Are Ukrainians being treated differently? That’s when I started questioning whether these companies are truly, truly are honest and behind All Human Rights. Yesterday, I watched a Syrian guy being interviewed. He says he feels for Ukrainians. He then says but where was the world when Syria was being crushed by Putin? The same Putin!

    Concerning double stadndards, theres only one news channel that I trust and can count on. They do it like they it’s taught it college. In college, they teach that fairness and accuracy is key. I think this news channel strive to just that. Yes, maybe sometimes they will get their facts wrong or express their opinion in a way I otherwise wouldn’t. I can absolutely live with that. And honestly it’s hard to criticize or accuse such people of any unfairness.

    Just yesterday, I watched this dude openly lied on television. I was like dude, why are you lying like that?

    RetsamsGhost, I am a Christian too. But what Christians are doing in this world is almost 180 degree of what Jesus did on earth. Christians are involved in some criminal stuff that I just don’t wanna get into. I didn’t know Christians are this wicked until I witnessed it. Its so bad that on one blog a Muslim guy criticizes Christians for supporting evil. And guess what, I happen to 💯% agree with him. So, Muslims are probably like bro, you do that and that and that. How can you tell me to convert to Christianity? I know it’s a tough topic, but thanks for letting us share our opinion here.


    • Yes! That was started my post as Putin is a self-identified Orthodox Christian. The Russian Orthodox Church stands by him – notably, other Christian Orthodox churches have spoken out in unity as has the Catholic Church that has a formal leader. Many Christian sects have also condemned the war. Self-reflection is of course called for and my previous post hit on many issues raised regarding equality, racism, LGBQT issues, and other forms of injustice. One example of my church’s failures was here: There are many more in the history trail. That being said, and the original author escapes me, is that we have not seen Christianity lived by anyone since Christ walked this earth. Mohammad Gandhi said similarly, that he believed in Jesus Christ’s messages, not in Christianity! I suspect that you and I, although we may strive to imitate Christ, fall short. Our mistakes or sins though, I hope, are not taking innocent lives as Putin is in the name of national “purity” and Russian propaganda about Nazism in Ukraine. It is not that we want to take Putin’s Christian inventory (his genuine beliefs) – but that he has used Orthodox Christianity to unify his power and wage war on Ukraine and now his own people as well.


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