An angry citizen of the world commented on one post here regarding Ukraine. Unfortunately, I did not approve the post based solely on excessive profanity. Silly really on my end given that his concerns and rage are valid and what authority would I have anyway to label them invalid anyway.

His basic argument and attack at my post and anyone supporting Ukraine is that we are racist for standing up now while ignoring Ethiopian poverty and war crisis. I will not refute this point. Refuges are not created equally. The circumstances, geography, national resources, alliances, and multiple other factors determine the world’s response, including implicit or explicit bias. If your curious about your own bias, check out the Harvard Implicit Bias Assessment test. It may illuminate bias that you were unaware of or chose to ignore.

There are so many geopolitical differences between Ethiopia and Ukraine aside from the race of the people suffering. Race, however, probably does play an outsized role on how the media portrays the different conflicts and how the world responds.

His argument though is one of false equivalence. An individual or group of people being anti-Putin and anti-war does not make them racist even if they never raised a concern about Ethiopia currently or in the past, or of other African nations.

Putting this aside as well, the main salient point is that western nations are doing more now then has ever been done for Ethiopia. He is right. And regardless of the reasons, the victims of Ethiopian civil war are still suffering, starving, or being killed as the country is largely cut off from world aid and intervention.

Suffering is suffering. I could post 10 causes everyday for the rest of the year and still alienate people that are not mentioned. The homeless in my own community, the incarcerated, the victims of racism or other forms of isms are all around me.

I have no answer for the magnitude of world suffering. Right now Ukraine is in the spotlight due to the power of the aggressor and the potential impact on world order. Next year this time people will not be thinking about Ukraine’s that were thrust into poverty and never recovered. The spotlight will be someplace else witnessing mans inhumanity to man.

Here is a recent article on Ethiopia. Hear his cry and give it a read. Be aware and help if you can. People are numb now to Ethiopia and other African countries. Some are already numb to the Ukraine crisis. As long as one person is oppressed and living in poverty – we should not be silent.

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