The Russian invasion of Ukraine and paralysis of the United Nations is evidence that we do not have any established international norms.

Fiction is presented as truth. Lives are taken without worry. War crimes committed with purpose.

The alarming nuance for most is this is happening between two developed countries, one with a nuclear Arsenal. The world has been used to third world or underdeveloped nations internal wars. Not that this is acceptable either.

No one is safe. No one.

How much further will we go down this path of military and economic warfare? Will we have any choice?

Ukrainian citizens do not have any choice today. We may not have any choice tomorrow.

We are already paying inconvenience dues as a result of inflation and the cost supporting Ukraine. We may not recognize it now, but our long term security and freedoms are also at risk.

A deeper struggle, lost in the business and drama of life, is the defamation of our humanity, of our collective souls. Indifference, numbness, helplessness, victim-blaming, denial, accusations, and other human reactions create a fog over the human suffering and deaths of thousands in Ukraine.

God, I have no power to stop the war. No influence over western or eastern ideological war mongers, no ability to stop war profiteering, no voice for those afflicted.

I ask the question from afar in the safety of my home – what can we do? Others, from refuge camps, Ukrainian cities, or ditches in the war zones are asking the same of us, and of God.

I look for hope and their are many heroes out there today. Thank you to each one of you who has acted courageously or compassionately in response to this war.

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