A quick farewell to all of you who have read or followed my posts since 2015. There are enough spiritual writers out there and influencers to carry on the task of promoting living the holy life in a humble manner in the midst of a secular society that my written word is redundant.

I leave this venue of spiritual expression, not in despair, but in retreat to my own private prayer

and solitude. I am sure God will inspire me to bring it outward when necessary, through prayer, through the written word, or by direct action. For now, I return to my reading, meditations, and the folly of the ink well!

Your voices are needed in every sphere of advocacy for calling for peace, for respect of human life, and promoting human dignity.

The calling is high. In the midst of the Ukraine war in Europe, with human freedom challenged by autocracies, the rise of populism worldwide, and an increase in hatred, division, and tribalism – individual inner-spiritual strength is needed. Only the light within each of you can sustain and move the tides of humanity to aim for the greater light of love and compassion for all people.

I look forward to reading your blogs and contributions in the different venues that influence and the causes you support! I am sure our efforts will not be in vain – they are mystically tied beyond the written word.

Thank you and Godspeed to you in your work and spiritual calling.


Photo borrowed from Godspeed Institute

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