Heavily influenced by Ignatius of Loyola reflections, readings from “The Jesuits Guide to (Almost) Everything,” the historical life of Lutheran Dietrich Bonhoeffer by James Martin, SJ,   Pope John Paul II, Pope Francis,  and an army of everyday catholics who quietly live the faith in action and in prayer I have committed to creating this blog to capture my prayers and reflections in the spirit of Lectio Divina.  The latter recommended by Notredame college course TH120 Jesus in Scripture and Tradition.  

For me prayer without guidance and guidance without prayer has been unsustainable.  If you find yourself viewing this blog it is not intended as a defense of catholic doctrine, traditions, or beliefs.  I am unqualified to represent the rich theological history, the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and the challenges of modernity to our faith.  More than likely, if you are viewing this blog, you are a believer that has something to help strengthen my faith or I have shared an article of insight to social media and curiosity bought you to my blog.  

If you are seeking greater connection to Jesus Christ, some of the references or sources in my blog maybe helpful. Other than that, this blog is simply an experiment of journaling and Lectio Divina as I explore how to deepen my relationship to God and to the people I share my life with everyday. 

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