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Improve Church

I am a cradle born Catholic post Vatican II.  At times I have visited other denominations many years ago at the height of youthful disenfranchisement with my own church, but by and large I found the Catholic doctrine is solid – our delivery still remains an issue!  What our priest say after the Gospel is read is also key.  If I were pope, I … Read More Improve Church

Vatican II and Pope Francis

Michael Novak, author of article “Reconsidering Vatican II,” targets media for overstating and oversimplifying doctrinal shifts during Vatican II as well as currently, with the immense popularity of Pope Francis. Through triangulation of reading several key documents of Vatican II (Sacred Liturgy, Dogmatic Constitution on the church, Social Communication,  Decree on Ecumenism, Church in the Modern World, and others), historical reviews of Vatican II impact and … Read More Vatican II and Pope Francis

Vatican II reference The overview and meaning of Vatican II 35 years later.

Vatican II reflection 40 years later

A review of “Reconsidering Vatican II” by Michael Novak has led me to believe that the author was originally from the progressive camp at the time of the “event” of Vatican II and with time and reflection firmly can to a reformist camp position.   On the one hand, he acknowledges great gains and insights regarding ecumenical issues and impact on relations with nations, eastern … Read More Vatican II reflection 40 years later

Vatican II references and Preparing for Pope Francis

Liberation Theology: Pope Francis has roots in Argentina that are strongly connected to Liberation theology.  His outlook and actions are reflective of this theology.  This scares western society.  Why?  Catholic/Christian roots have a rich tradition of social responsibility and economic justice. The most recent defining doctrine for the Catholic Church is Vatican II.  I anticipate Pope Francis will be touching on many of the … Read More Vatican II references and Preparing for Pope Francis

The Cure of Ars & Benedictine Option

Sarah Metts published an article “Fighting Evil Like the Cure of Ars” (Catholic Exchange 08/04/2015).  In brief, the article postulates that the way to fight evil in the world (abortion, murder, oppression, violence, etc.) is simply to be holy.  She sites work by Peter Kreeft where he states our enemies are not “liberal media, anti-catholic bigots, or even the culture of death, but fallen … Read More The Cure of Ars & Benedictine Option

Whose Kingdom do I seek?

Mt. 6:6:  When you pray go to a private room and close the door.  You may pray there, say a thoughtful version of the Our Father (Mt. 6: 9 to 15).  Fasting privately can also increase faith.   For most of us prayer is experienced as a solitary and often lonely experience.  It does not have to be long. Difficulty in prayer is to … Read More Whose Kingdom do I seek?

Jesus Died for my sins

“Jesus died for my sins.” We are taught from a young age our faith and taught in the language of grade school children.  This language, perhaps condescendingly, often crashes into a series of ‘”you” and “I” dialogue.  At that age, we are taught our place first, often wrongly, within the larger church.  The larger context, of social responsibility and collective unity of all human … Read More Jesus Died for my sins


Like a very long a parable, the bible presents scripture from Genesis to Revelation.  Ask ourselves questions that simplify following the thread of connectivity through the lens of God (well perhaps not as clearly!) through these historical time periods. Genesis establishes the “foundation” of the earth (creation account). The Old Testament provides testimony to man’s journey and disappointments to God thru repeat grave sins against … Read More Wayfarers

Christological Ontology Headache

Christological Ontology is a mystery before even selecting a subject of study.  It delves into the philosophical study of Christian beliefs, metaphysical concepts, and existential applications of said beliefs.  The early church recognized deviating teachings from well-meaning Christian believers that were taking on different aspects or definitions of three incarnational truths regarding Jesus Christ are simultaneously maintained: Jesus is the Son of God who … Read More Christological Ontology Headache

How do we as Catholics weigh science…..

The Confession of the Pope Who Came From Afar In an interview with the magazine of the Jesuits of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio unravels the enigma of his silence on the anthropological revolution taking place. Which involves birth, death, procreation, the entire nature of man by Sandro Magister ROME, September 20, 2013 – In the twenty-eight pages of his interview with the director of … Read More How do we as Catholics weigh science…..

The Canticle of Mary

The Canticle of Mary My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord; my spirit rejoices in God my savior. For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed. The Mighty One has done great things for me, and holy is his name. His mercy is from age to age to those who fear him. He … Read More The Canticle of Mary

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