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Pivot with Ignatius

Today I start a mini-retreat hidden within the folds of everyday activities and life. Visit Two items may support you taking and at home retreat. The first is an at home 12 week Ignatious guided retreat app available free (bottom left) of page. The second is the free portal containing a mini library of Jesuit material. Or for a more intense experience with … Read More Pivot with Ignatius


Friedrick Nietzsche, German Philosopher, declared “God is Dead” in the late 1800s. In the 1980s I would author opposing papers regarding this assertion. The earlier version would assert an atheistic worldview and render belief in a personal God futile. The latter version would assert the opposite, that religion was dead, having lost its way and become a dead letter rather than anything representing a … Read More Mysticism

Pascal’s Wager – The Quandary of Faith

An opinion article in the NYT times entitled “Can We Learn to Believe in God?” by Agnes Collard takes a surface dive into the infamous Pascal Wager.[i]”  Childhood morality and imagery of heaven and hell underlie this equation.  The means and the ends of faith do not fall neatly into this theoretical trap.  To seek God (or seek to learn to believe in God) … Read More Pascal’s Wager – The Quandary of Faith

The Benedictine Option

Glimpse the Glory of God

The Energy of Prayer: How to deepen your spiritual practice by Thich Nhat Hanh

A renowned Vietnamese Zen master dicusses the power of prayer and meditation and its impact on the self.  Draws from all religions (Budhism, Christianity, Islam) and secular taught meditation.  Hammers and chisels away  at the limiting words we use to define the creator, the ultimate absolute being and where we may direct our prayers: G_d, Yahwey, Buddha, Allah. Regardless of your chosen faith he … Read More The Energy of Prayer: How to deepen your spiritual practice by Thich Nhat Hanh


Defining revelation for me is very challenging.  I have broken it down into four levels and one huge spiritual barrier. It is more personal and real.  It is not driven by the “Book of Revelation.”  I am not a mystic – though I sometimes wish I could be.  Than again, be careful what you wish for – you may get what you ask! The … Read More Revelation?

Reconciliation Delayed, Reconciliation Gained

Coffee Cup to Grave Sin and everything in Between The Sacrament of Reconciliation Since Vatican II a greater emphasis has been placed on God’s action in the sacrament of Reconciliation, than by its former name known as Confession, where an emphasis was on man’s actions.  The Sacrament of Penance, yet another name for the same thing, calls for us sinners to approach the sacrament … Read More Reconciliation Delayed, Reconciliation Gained

Reflection of Retreat (July)

Retreat Summary Review: Wednesday: • Am I open to God’s presence? • Do I ask for what I must deeply desire? • Do I know what I mostly deeply desire? • Am I open to the treasury of the Catholic Faith, its signs, symbols, sacraments, saints? Refrain: • I am open to your presence. • I desire consolation and union, the opposite of emptiness … Read More Reflection of Retreat (July)

Retreat Excercise

My Personal Creed July 18, 2015 Saturday Evening excercise Retreat “Priest, Prophet, King” Loyola Retreat House on the Potomac Transcendent Reality Dear Unknowable; I have come to know you as The Father, The Almighty.  I have come to know your son, Jesus Christ, through tradition, and Mary the Mother of Jesus, saints and martyrs, priest and religious people through the church, through life, and … Read More Retreat Excercise

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