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Theology 101: Dangerous Memories

Source: Theology 101: Dangerous Memories

Confessions of a Catholic Democrat:

“Not everyone is called to invest himself intimately in politics, and for some it would be dangerous to do so. Great discernment is needed to work in non-ideal circumstances, finding politically effective messages without sacrificing personal integrity. Those of us who involve ourselves in political struggles ought to pray fervently that God preserve us, lest we betray the faith. I would be humbly grateful … Read More Confessions of a Catholic Democrat:

In defense of tradition catholic views A blistering criticism of Vatican II.

If only we had infrared spiritual prayer glasses New View of Family Life in the North American Nebula02.10.11 An Extended Stellar Family This swirling landscape of stars is known as the North American nebula. In visible light, the region resembles North America, but in this new infrared view from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope, the continent disappears. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech ›› Full image and caption › Browse version of image Pasadena, Calif. … Read More If only we had infrared spiritual prayer glasses

July 4, 2015

A place to capture religious content, prayers, and thoughts as the spirit reveals them, if I am to be so blessed.  If not, then an empty tomb of random thoughts capturing a journey towards proximity of God’s presence.

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