Purpose Quotes

The Magnanimity of the Gospel, America Magazine, Kerry Alys Robinson:

  • We may disagree about which policies — nationally and internationally — can best provide people with access to food, clean water, housing, health care, employment, justice, safety and peace. But if we profess to be Christian, we cannot abdicate our responsibility to ensure that people have such access. To do nothing is to be complicit.”

The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise” by Robert Cardinal Sarah: 

  • Today the danger lies in the unbridled activism of the modern world. We are always called to fight, to comb the countryside, to overthrow our adversaries, and to destroy them. Indeed, man is driven to compound one evil with another, whereas he ought to let the weeds grow with the wheat. Silence will give us the patience to wait for the moment when the useless plants will fall by themselves. Thanks to silence, we will know how to bide our time and to wait for God’s hour with perseverance so as to forge an alliance with him and to work under his guidance.”
  • There is no genuine action or major decision except in the silence of the prayer that precedes them.”
  • Confronted with evil, man gets organized by gathering the means necessary for his defense. His action is just, but sometimes it provokes greater evils. Our true grandeur lies in the humility of faith; the purer our belief, the more profound it is and the closer it brings us to God, who is infinitely great.”
  • “We often find ourselves confronted with what could be called “innocent evil”, in other words, the reality of evil inscribed in the nature of things, independently of any human responsibility.”
  • “We must therefore purify our mind of its curiosities, the will of its plans, in order to be totally open to the graces of light and strength that God wants to give us profusely: “Father, not my will, but yours be done.” Ignatian “indifference” is therefore a form of silence, too.”
  • “Sacred silence is truly the place where we can encounter God, because we come to him with the proper attitude of a man who trembles and stands at a distance while hoping confidently.”
  • “We should learn not to give any name to God, lest we imagine that in so doing we have praised and exalted him as we should, for God is “above names” and ineffable.—Meister Eckhart, Sermons”
  • The devil will not be able to reach us in the stronghold of silence. Let us guard against multiplying sins by satisfying our little egotistical or revolutionary passions.


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