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Vote versus Withdraw?

A bishop advised his priest to not vote in primary in Minnesota. The stated reason is not that priest should not exercise their vote but that others may become aware of their vote. The latter could cause controversy and attract or push people away from the church? Following that logic as mini priest, for we all are called to live our faith and love … Read More Vote versus Withdraw?

The Cure of Ars & Benedictine Option

Sarah Metts published an article “Fighting Evil Like the Cure of Ars” (Catholic Exchange 08/04/2015).  In brief, the article postulates that the way to fight evil in the world (abortion, murder, oppression, violence, etc.) is simply to be holy.  She sites work by Peter Kreeft where he states our enemies are not “liberal media, anti-catholic bigots, or even the culture of death, but fallen … Read More The Cure of Ars & Benedictine Option

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