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Becoming Who You Are:  Insights on the True Self from Thomas Merton and Other Saints by Martin SJ, James

“Find your own Calcutta.”


Pope Francis has taken steps to canonize Fatima Siblings (https://nyti.ms/2mW3nYl) according to New York Times article.  Do you believe in Saints?  The Devil?  The Fatima Siblings had visions and drew thousands of Christians to the Village of Fatima.  There is even a mystery of prophecy by Sister Lucia – the one to escape an untimely death – providing three predictions that many believe came … Read More Saints

The Benedictine Option

Glimpse the Glory of God

In search of a Saint (or 10,000 Holy Warriors)

Why not have 10,000 Holy Warriors at your side? Author James Martin, SJ remarked “Sometimes I think that the one reason we begin praying to a saint is that the saint has already been praying for us.”[i]   What a remarkable idea.  Perhaps we do not have to find a saint but let the saint find us praying?  Nonetheless, Martin had developed an affinity for … Read More In search of a Saint (or 10,000 Holy Warriors)

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