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The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio by Dante

“The natural was ever without error; But err the other may by evil object, Or by too much. or by too little vigor.” The above quote in canto XVII humanizes existence in purgatory.  Purgatory does not move far enough away from the horror of the Inferno and the disproportionate time assigned in purgatory is a hell in and of itself.  Still a vivid and … Read More The Divine Comedy: Purgatorio by Dante

The Divine Comedy: Inferno

“All hope abandon, ye who enter in!” The Inferno, constructed in “Terza rima” poetic verses, has unyielding descriptions of hell clothed in “live actors” of people in Dante’s time and other historical figures.  Depressingly he fills the rafters of hell with politicians, poets, clerks, warriors, and popes.  Seemingly no one escapes the gates of hell in this horrible imaginative creation of Dante.   To … Read More The Divine Comedy: Inferno

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