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Are you Catholic? Are you Political? Are you Sure?

Thanksgiving day many of us will have the blessing of family, friends, food, and freedom. I am grateful on a granular level for my family, my fellowship with others, and my work colleagues. On an existential level I am thankful for those that disagree with me, for my enemies known and unknown, and the adversities that have simultaneously challenged and formed my fluid identity. … Read More Are you Catholic? Are you Political? Are you Sure?

Vatican II and Pope Francis

Michael Novak, author of article “Reconsidering Vatican II,” targets media for overstating and oversimplifying doctrinal shifts during Vatican II as well as currently, with the immense popularity of Pope Francis. Through triangulation of reading several key documents of Vatican II (Sacred Liturgy, Dogmatic Constitution on the church, Social Communication,  Decree on Ecumenism, Church in the Modern World, and others), historical reviews of Vatican II impact and … Read More Vatican II and Pope Francis

Vatican II reference

http://publicaffairs.cua.edu/speeches/ecclesiology99.htm The overview and meaning of Vatican II 35 years later.

Vatican II references and Preparing for Pope Francis

Liberation Theology: Pope Francis has roots in Argentina that are strongly connected to Liberation theology.  His outlook and actions are reflective of this theology.  This scares western society.  Why?  Catholic/Christian roots have a rich tradition of social responsibility and economic justice. The most recent defining doctrine for the Catholic Church is Vatican II.  I anticipate Pope Francis will be touching on many of the … Read More Vatican II references and Preparing for Pope Francis

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